Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Walk this way...

Welcome to Phasmatodea, a new blog which, true to form, I’ve been talking about doing for almost two years now.  As the avid entomologists among you will know, the title means ‘stick insect’.  It’s  a creature I’ve been likened to for most of my life, despite amusing forays into gym memberships, martial arts and possessing the appetite of a whole children’s library full of ‘Hungry little caterpillar’s.  So, I’ve ‘embraced it’, as anyone in front of a microphone in New Zealand likes to say.

The word also vaguely chimes with ‘phantasmagorical’ (at least to my ear) and this is very appropriate, as I’ll be writing about the things in this world, and others, which interest me.  Politely known as ‘genre’, I’ll mostly, (but not exclusively), be sharing science fiction, horror, fantasy and adventure films, TV, books and other media which have fired my imagination throughout my life.  If there’s anyone still reading at this point, I sincerely hope that generally autobiographical ramblings on everything from the genius of the sadly-missed two Rays (Harryhausen and Bradbury) to the recent reinvigoration of certain well-loved franchises beginning with the word ‘Star’ might resonate with you too.

I'll say from the outset that I don't consider myself to be any kind of authority or expert on the subjects I'll discuss, I'll merely be presenting my own impressions and opinions, and hope to hear some of yours, too.

So, if you’re still there, and have ever wondered what might have shaped your own love for all things fantastic, this is the subject of my first entry.  And I hope you’ll forgive me for self-indulgently paying long-overdue tribute to the person who probably did more than anyone to make me the massive ‘geek’ I am today, and for which I’ll always be grateful.

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