Friday, 23 January 2015

Busy-ness as usual

Generally I like to keep things on Phasmatodea very much like myself: lightweight, geeky and frivolous.  But just for a change, I'm going to have a rant.

ˈbɪzi (adjective)
1. having a great deal to do.
"he had been too busy to enjoy himself"

This particular four-letter 'B' word is fast becoming my least favourite in the english language.  I hear it lazily sprayed around every day as a quick-dry filler for deficiencies in time management, organisation and motivation, or waved like a little flag in attempts to increase a sense of self-importance - and so it is fast losing any sense of real meaning.

I'm as guilty as anyone, but I'm not about to try and list reasons why I think I'm entitled to wave that little flag.  Because we all have our own list: our own commitments, demands upon our time and energy - and some are even fortunate enough to have other people who depend upon them.
I'm privileged to be able to direct my own abilities, such as they are, towards creative projects. Whether at work or home they stimulate and reward me depending on my own level of commitment and enthusiasm. I try to keep fit, because I am no fun for anyone, including myself, if I don't exercise. Sometimes there are challenges which scare and daunt me - and always there is everyday life to be getting on with (which should never be taken for granted).

This all takes up time, sometimes all the time I have and more.  But I also know there are people out there who give far more of themselves, to their families, communities even countries than I can even imagine. There are volunteer workers, sports coaches, paramedics, athletes, carers, adventurers, mentors, helpers, parents and teachers who lead lives which would make mine look languid and selfish (which I couldn't entirely dispute).

Although the B word is often used for status, to me it also implies a loss of control - an inability to direct your life and apply your time as well as you might.  Worse than that, it's actually a rather excluding expression, a barrier and cold shoulder to others who would otherwise like to invest their time in you and share your enthusiasm. Instead it's a brush-off and worst of all - pretty boring.

This year, by all means work and play hard while you can, give 110% to whatever you do, always remember the people who matter, give your animals time and love and look after yourself.  Do what you can to find fulfilment, a sense of achievement and happiness.  Find your balance and be engaged, absorbed, involved, productive, industrious, devoted... even tied up on occasion - just don't be busy.

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