Saturday, 4 July 2015


One of those catchy songs with a nonsensical chorus (see also Radio Ga-ga and The Police's De-do-do-do) has got us hooked on a new series recently

Music has no nationality?
These eight people all appear to like the same song... at the same time.
We've embarked on yet another promising netflix production - the Wachowski TV epic Sense8. (Our Kiwi predilection to leave the last syllable off words and many years of attempting martial arts always makes me hear the title as 'Sensei' and flinch in anticipation of a beating, or at least a silly amount of press-ups .

A couple of like-minded friends at work raved about this series, and although I find the Wachowski's very hit and miss, we decided to give it a go. Sense8 is a slow burn which doesn't go out of its way to provide quick and easy answers, and certainly challenges sexual stereotyping, but it wasn't really until the third episode that we started to really care about the characters.  The fact that it is co-created and co-written by a certain Joe Straczynski ( certainly helped me to persevere.

And then in episode 4 we got this scene; which illustrates the unexplained and unpredictable psychic bond between the eight leads in a joyous and humorous way which might just leave a grin on your face.

Surprisingly not titled "What's going on" (to avoid confusion with the 1971 Marvin Gaye hit), What's Up is the 1993 'one hit wonder' by American group 4 Non-blondes. It did well across the English speaking world, but also ranked highly in singles charts in South America and various European  countries, which makes it very appropriate given the disparate nationalities of the Sense8 characters.

I'm assured the programme continues to get better, but I'll be interested to see how they top this. And if we eventually even discover "what's going on".

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