Friday, 12 August 2016

Front Drawer

A touch of gloss can make anything look good!

All the astrological symbols have been customised
 to relate to the satirical predictions in the article

It’s been quite a year for illustration commissions, due in no small part to the fact that I am one of the few illustrators left in our organisation.  I’m possibly also the only one stupid enough to work all hours because I don’t want to turn the opportunities down.

Putting the adverse effects on my health and family life aside, here’s a gallery of covers I’ve illustrated for the Sunday Star Times Sunday magazine this year.  

The SST seem to like me because, rather than ever really establishing a style of my own, I rip real artists off.  Or homage them, if you prefer. And Sunday is a glossy supplement - so the stock quality helps  me look good most of the time…

In the style of: Frankie magazine

In the style of: Roy Litchenstein

In the style of: The New Yorker

In the style of:  hang on, this just might be my own! Fancy that...

Not in the Sunday Star Times magazine section, but in the style of:
Soviet propaganda posters


  1. You are a very, very clever man Mr Hughes. Very clever indeed!!!! And you're certainly one up on Lichtenstein who was a tracer. Before giving up illustrations all together to become a tiny principality, which was always his silly game plan anyway.

  2. And you are a very, very funny man, Mr O'Byrne. Many thanks!
    And who doesn't want to be a tiny principality?