Friday, 24 January 2014


A scrapbook of addenda

As the end of the month approaches I’ve realised that I’ve collected miscellaneous ephemera which relate to previous blog posts, but fell into my hands too late to be included at the time. Some of it, like the comments which appeared on the Marlborough Express facebook page in response to my Kaikoura UFOs infographic, (one of them suggesting an explanation I hadn’t come across before), seemed too quirky not to share.
So as usual, I crave your indulgence, and hope you find something here to enjoy, or at least divert.

In your face Marvel!  Second highest grossing movie nationwide for that week – never in our wildest dreams, right?


Thank you silly season!  I re-wrote a less personal and more factual version of my Snoopy’s Christmas blog for publication in late December and a few papers ran with it.  In fact, the Southland Times gave it most of a full page.

A selection of comments relating to the Kaikoura UFOs infographic which I completed on Christmas Eve:  Four newspapers ran it on Boxing Day, making my all-nighter worth it.

My friend Dave, a Photoshop Jedi Master of huge renown, whipped up this suggestion for speedier crutches-based transportation. If only...

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