Friday, 17 January 2014

The stick walks again...

My ‘Christmas break’ appears to be over – thank goodness

'Papped' by a newspaper photographer during my
lunchtime peramble around Frank kitts lagoon
I’ve been walking unaided all week, admittedly with a comedy limp which I’m sure will fade with time to become my usual comedy walk. It’s been exactly four weeks since my un-heroic plummet from the apex of our Christmas tree left me with a broken toe, and hard lessons have been learned. We’ve bought a nice stable step-ladder, and I’m reconsidering the benefits of footwear whenever climbing on anything.

But now that I’ve had my first swim of the year at Oriental Bay, and am back at the gym, I am happy to consider myself convalesced. The crutches will be returned for the use of a more deserving person this weekend, but typically, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic about them.

Hobbling around brought forth a lot of seasonal kindness, patience and amusement from people around me, and my wonderful wife shouldered the extra burden this placed on her at this busiest time of the year without once pushing me over in frustration. 
As for myself, I’ll probably never forget tripoding through the otherwise silent streets in the grey dawn light of Christmas Eve, inching towards the lofty heights of Northland to feed my vacationing manager’s goldfish.


  1. I see three sticks - makes for a rather wicket analogy, I feel. Ho ho ho ho!

    No, really, I'm just grateful that I'm not in the photo as well. Glad to have you back in the realm of the perambulatory, Al!

  2. Wheeeeze! There's certainly a silly leg going on, anyway.
    Thanks for that, I think you'd have been some way ahead in the distance if you had been there. Don't it feel good to be walking on sunshine again, though...