Sunday, 30 November 2014

Light Savour

Star Wars fans have felt the disappointing side of the Force many times in recent years, so did the teaser for the latest instalment strike back with the return of a New Hope?

Proper, and subtly updated, storm troopers (instead of those prequel pixel-monkeys):

A Swiss/Sith Army lightsabre with extra attachments (can-opener and corkscrew?)  Be careful how you hold this one:

And best of all, if you aren't going to show any familiar faces in what is after all just a teaser, then give us something just as familiar and beloved - the ship that made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs.  The Millennium Falcon is lovingly trailed by a swooping, tilting camera in a bravura shot which homages old-school Dykstraflex. Oh, and some TIE Fighters:

Welcome back, Star Wars!


  1. Lots to say about surprisingly little! I admire the way the trailer gently puts forward the message that two of the three human faces seen are not white dudes, and that's a good thing. The new Astromech Marble Droid seems to be dividing fans ("They see me rollin', they hatin'", as some wag put it on Den of Geek) and dammit I want a Giant USB Stick hover bike! And that Falcon looks lovely - an big! The X-Wings actually got an "ooo!" out of me. The saber's a cool touch, but I'm not sure about the wisdom of the Dark Side - I think I might have waited until I was fully in the clearing and away from trees before I turned it on. You need a clear arc for swinging those things, and it's probably a fire hazard, too.

    Have you seen 'George's edit'?

    1. Hello Mr Simian! Yes, the X-wings oddly took me straight back to listening to The Story of Star Wars rather than any of the films - I think it was the instantly recognisable engine sound which does it. And I see that the Falcon is still missing it's radio dish from the Battle of Endor - or possibly it's been replaced with something sleeker...

      USB speeder? Arf! I must hunt down George's edit...

  2. Seemingly the radar dish got replaced by the rectangular doohicky. Bloody Lando.

    Heeeere's Georgie!

    Now look for the Lego version!

  3. Yeah, Han and Chewie would never have let that happen to their Sky dish - but they were busy playing with Teddy Bears at the time, as i recall. And that trailer i both hilarious and scarily plausible - although I saw some spaces left in frames where some CGI could still be added...