Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Insect Bride

Even Frankenstein's Monster found a mate. Dracula had Brides, Kong had his 'squeeze' and for 25 years today I have been married to my 'Amazing Amazon'.

It might not seem appropriate that the wonderful person who so often symbolises practicality, stability and normality in my developmentally-arrested life should feature in this fantastic fiction-obsessed blog.  Except, as Rose encourages me to aspire to occasionally give at least a vague impression of a grown-up; life with me has somewhat tainted her.

She now knows her Marvel and DC, can name the Star Wars planets, identify the Doctor's friends and enemies, and quote:"Klaatu Barada Nikto". She's been made to watch some atrocious films for the sake of my sad obsessions, but always finds something to enjoy about the occasional good ones - which makes me ridiculously happy.

But as fervent as the denial would be, I believe the seed was there before I ever stumbled awkwardly into her life. As everyone who knows us will have heard, Rose moved in next door to me at the Nurse's Hostel all those years ago, so even I couldn't fail to meet my future life partner.  Having barely met, she watched an episode of Doctor Who with me in the TV Lounge (The Daemons) and remarked "The Doctor's riding a motorbike?".  This was enough to distract me from one of my all-time favourite stories: you see, the general viewing public call him "Doctor Who", only the enlightened correctly refer to the lead character 'the Doctor'.

Rose already loved Monty Python, Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds and our first 'unofficial date' was to an audience participation screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (do I know how to treat a Lady, or what?)
Through our quarter-century together she's become chilled to the bone with me as we've scanned the night sky together, made me damn sure I kept my guard up as she followed me into many years of martial arts training and even sat through a live concert of music from Doctor Who. I'm well-aware that this programme plays far too big a role in my life, but I will always smile to myself recalling that when the impossible happened, and the long presumed-dead series returned from cancellation to become a world-wide hit, it did so with the episode title: 'Rose'.

Of course, we've done so much more together - which she often instigates and organises, that is far more significant, challenging and rewarding than anything which comes under the frivolous and geeky auspices of this blog - and I won't detract from that by giving mention here.
I try to be realistic about myself: there was never any need for 'Ladies to form an orderly queue', but somehow I have ended up with someone who is not only the perfect woman, but perfect for me.  Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife.

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