Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Ford is strong in this one

Just as we were about to disappear beneath an ever-rising flood of Avengers promotional trailers, a few seconds of two old friends from 'A Long Time Ago' appears to have pulled Marvel's plug.

I wasn't going to post anything this weekend, as we have another syncronised retrospective of a post-Star Wars 'homage' coming up in the next couple of days.  But perhaps appropriately,  the second teaser for Decembers Star Wars: The Force Awakens has taken the internet, and at least two Newspapers I worked on last night, by storm.

It's hard to describe what it means to see Han and Chewie back together again, but perhaps this video of Matthew McConaghey's reaction to the teaser sums it up most eloquently:

Naturally everyone's favourite space smuggler is now grey, but the lop-sided grin and trademark drawl are present and correct. Welcome home Captain and first mate of the Millennium Falcon, suddenly it really does feel like December will be an awakening.

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