Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Cartoon carnival

How difficult can it be to be funny once a week?

NZ makes great films, but we'll always go back to 'hooning' (hopefully)

That lame title might give you an idea.  When 'I were lad' the local cinema used to present a ‘cartoon carnival’ - basically splicing together a whole programme of the cartoons which they usually played before movies.  Mr Magoo and Huckleberry Hound were all good and well in isolation, but a whole afternoon in the company of them and their friends could pale somewhat.
But the cinema made money and our parents got us out of their hair for a couple of hours.

This year I have been given a weekly cartoon to do - which sounds like, and is fun, but is not easy.
The only real stricture I’ve been given is to stay away from NZ politics, so as not to encroach on the sterling work of our immensely talented daily cartoonists. 
Mine is weekly, so I have to try to pick a subject which is current, but won’t be completely out-dated by the time Saturday rolls around.

The audience is predominantly female and probably looking for an amusing Saturday morning breakfast diversion rather than razor edged satire.  
There was much I wanted to say about Brexit, not so much about Britain's decision but the condemnation from other nations. Suddenly appearing to know all about the European Union and exactly what it meant for people living in the UK, questionably-informed shaming was sprayed all over social media. And as for critics from the US - get your own house in order first. PLEASE.
It’s a huge subject which I don’t know a great deal about either, so I’ll stop now - and I submitted a very non-judgemental illustration instead.

I try to keep it light, and possibly even amusing every so often. I will be taking swipes if I think an issue or person deserves it, though - I'm holding the pen!
But I have to admit it causes me agonies of self-doubt and apprehension every time I send a new cartoon for approval - so if any of you have ideas - do let me know!

A pet-hate of mine - and everyone else's apparently

And if you can't be funny - try going for a wry smile instead...

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