Saturday, 2 July 2016

Moving the story along

Pressure to increase an on-line presence for my graphics
could lead to a motional rescue

I started by adding some subtle motion to this earlier illustration -
branches swaying gently in the breeze didn't tax me too much for a first attempt.

When I began illustrating the very funny Leah McFall's column for the Sunday Star Times magazine, the simplistic style which the editor and I developed together has since turned out to be easily adaptable for animation.
Well, I say easily, but I'm not a fast learner.  I had to teach myself how to create an animated gif file and then wrap my head around a way to bring my images into the realm of motion which didn't look jarring, crass, or just weird.

I'll let you be the judge (and do follow the links below each animation if you have time, not only do the stories put the images in context, but Ms McFall is also a spectacularly witty writer).

The joys of listening to the radio was difficult to illustrate,
but somehow moving sound waves convey the idea better.
Believe it or not - this gently undulating wisp of steam rising
from the tea cup was the most difficult animation yet.

A rare, more serious story, about post-natal anxiety.

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